"Inspectoratul Teritorial al Muncii" or "ITM" is the unit with legal personality, subordinated to the Bucharest Labor Inspection, the central public administration body under the MMSSF and the coordination of the National Control Authority. The main objectives of "ITM" are as follows:

    -   a) control of the application of the legal provisions regarding the labor relations, the safety and health at work, the protection of the employees working in special conditions and the legal provisions regarding the social insurance;

    -   b) informing the competent authorities about deficiencies related to the correct application of the legal provisions in force;

    -   c) providing information to those interested about the most effective means of complying with labor law;

    -   d) technical assistance to employers and employees, to prevent occupational hazards and social conflicts;

    -   e) to initiate proposals to the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity for the improvement of the existing legislation and the elaboration of new legislative acts in the field.