-Welcome to Alexandra's blog!-

Hello there, my dear visitor! Wondering who am I and what am I trying to do? Here are some tips for you. I am Ioana Alexandra, a romanian teenager and a sister, in 10th grade, turning 17 this year. I am a tall and brown-haired person who got a nice nickname "The Giraffe". Indeed, I managed to see one in real life probably because of my grandparents and my dad. When I was a kid, they used to take me wherever they were going around the world so that I could see her beauties and here I am. Starving for new places to be. Since I have those two little twin brothers who just turned 9, things changed and I started to understand how it actually feels to take care more about some tiny creatures to whom my mom gave birth. It's not that bad. In my 2016 I started studying at high school Gheorghe Vranceanu in Bacau and from now on, you are gonna here more about my pretty life as a human being. Come and enjoy it!

As it was our first journey abroad, even mine, I still remember clearly every little detail about the beach, the sea, the people and even the shops. Of course, I was too little to understand things and foreign people, but somehow I became pretty responsible for a couple of minutes. There was a trailer near the stairs where you were getting to the beach with food, deserts, natural juices. My mom loved the orange juice and her nice child had just finished her glass so, for not getting her upset, dad sent me to the man with the trailer to take another one. I was excited because I was actually going to speak to a Greek, didn't know how, but I managed it in some way. I was happy because I had that courage at my age. I took that glass of juice and waved it excitedly to my parents. They were happy too, or probably just laughing of my little moment of happiness as a little kid. Here is my little TRAVEL GALLERY.