Colegiul Tehnic "Ion Borcea"




Proiectul Comenius CRITICart

School Multilateral Partnership 2013-2015

Young artists in emergency


In this project students from Europe show that creativity, as a problem solving skill, is both a key competence on the labour market and a means to recognize individual prospects. 

Seven schools of all types from all over Europe form a so-called “creative consortium”. This consortium consists of students from different countries and regions, of different languages and cultures, with different educational backgrounds, with and without disabilities. This diversity alone represents the individuality and uniqueness of every agent. These young people have all got one common goal: they want a chance for employment on the labour market and to be a valuable part of society. 

Another part of the consortium are the teachers. Every one of them as well is an essential element for the “jigsaw puzzle” of their common goal: to accompany these young people and to stimulate them to become critical, thinking members of the European Union. 

The project is subdivided in three phases. Each of these phases is marked by a “milestone”. It starts very soberly with the collection of data (Analysis), followed by the artistic expression (Production) and completed by a “sentence of hope” (Vision). 

The milestones of each phase are:

  • A portfolio of exemplary lessons and methods in accordance with the ideas of inclusive schooling
  • A series of postcards, depicting works that were made in the practical work
  • A mobile work of art, consisting of postcards inscribed by public persons with a “sentence of hope”
  • A project themed collector’s album, developed by the students and available in the “alternative trade”.

  • Sonderpädagogisches Zentrum, Wien, Austria – project coordinator
  • Instituto de Educación Secundaria Luis Vives, Valencia, Spain
  • Amplonius-Gymnasium, Rheinberg, Germany
  • I.I.S. Liceo Artistico "F. Arcangeli" - Istituto D'arte, Bologna, Italy
  • Luleburgaz Ataturk Anadolu Lisesi, Kirklareli, Turkey Website
  • Colegiul Tehnic "Ion Borcea" Buhuşi, Buhuşi, Romania Website
  • 1st Vocational School Of Aghioi Anargiroi, Aghioi Anargiroi, Greece

Calendar of activities:



August/September 2013 "Kick-Off" in each country.
October 2013 Starting the „Analysis”
November 2013 Sharing materials
December 2013 Working on the topic "protest"
January 2014 Working on the topic "protest"
February 2014 Milestone "Portfolio".
March 2014 Starting the „Production”
April 2014 Working on the artwork
May 2014 Workshops
June 2014 Completed documentation
August/September 2014 Collection of information
October 2014 Working on the artwork
November 2014 November
December 2014 Milestone "Postcards".
January 2015 Touring exhibition
February 2015 Production of stickers and albums.
March 2015 Upload of the touring exhibition's documentation
April 2015 Milestone "ArtMarket".
May 2015 Evaluation
June 2015 Closing exhibitions